2016 S.W.A.G.G. Awards Highlights​

Upcoming Event July 2016
BLAST! Certification Seminar
All Day, All Girls, All Out 
Getting Ready to Impact Her Generation
Seminar for girls 13 - 19
(Babysitter Lessons and Safety Training)
is a 4-hour class associated with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI). It is a highly interactive and energetic course with many necessary sitter skills and role play scenarios that covers CPR, choking, and first aid, but its focus is on sitter basics, injury prevention, safety, kid activities, and getting the job.

 FUN, Interactive, Interesting training program for potential babysitters, older siblings of babies and toddlers and parents considering hiring a babysitter. The BLAST! program is designed to provide extensive training in pediatric first aid, household safety, and the fundamentals of childcare.
Features of this program include:

Most current practices for safety and injury prevention while babysitting
First Aid basics for emergency response
Quick references tools for babysitters
Fun, easy to follow booklet per student
Hands-on activities
An interactive Safe House training tool accessible via the Internet  
Interviewing SkillsDesigned for people ages 13 and older, their parents, and parents looking to hire a babysitter, the BLAST! program can prepare young girls to interview for a babysitting job, select safe and suitable games and activities, prevent accidents, perform first aid, and begin babysitting safely and competently.
Upon completing the One Day Seminar each participate will receive their BLAST Certification from the Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy & the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Providing real life, marketable skill training.  Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy providing real life, marketable skills to our girls.

Debutante Programs

For years young ladies of upper crust societies has had the distinct privilege and honor to attend finishing/charm school, thus preparing them for a successful future and presentation to their communities.
Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette Academy has opened this closed door society to our beautiful gifted urban young ladies.  Talitha Cumi Debutante program is geared towards helping young ladies reach their fullest potential.

*Earn Financial Scholarships
*Win Prizes
*8-16 Week Program 
*Leadership Training
*Community Service
*Health & Beauty Tips
*Early Financial Management 
*Developing Positive  Friendships  
 *Etiquette (School, Social, Dining)
 *Cultural Outings 
*Elegant Debutante Ball

S.W.A.G.G.  Job Preparedness , a program of Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette Academy,  which provides resources to help youth  whose potential might otherwise be overlooked, to pursue higher education and career development opportunities. Our mission is to empower teens to excel in the workplace by creating access to employment, educational and social opportunities. 

S.W.A.G.G. offers  JSS (JumpStart Success) which is a 15 year proven cirriculum.     
The program is a comprehensive career exploration and work-readiness curriculum aligned to national standards on career education and work-readiness. This alignment ensures that participants are equipped with the core competencies associated with entry-level positions as well as the tools to navigate their individualized career plans. Although the curriculum works for all socio-economic levels, it was designed for youth experiencing some of life’s biggest challenges.


​​​It's All About the $$$$ 
Money Matter$ Work$hop for Girl$
 Saturday May 14, 2016 8:30am-10am
  It's never too early to practice fiscal responsibility or to start planning for life's special moments.
 Ridgewood Savings Bank Allerton Avenue Branch 
Talitha Cumi Urban Etiquette & Leadership Academy 

"Money Matter$ Work$hop for Girl$."

Join us for an hour of fun exploring ways to start on the road to money management.  
Topic Highlights:
Banking or Not
Do I Want It or Do I Need It
Different Types of Accounts
Rich Girl, Poor Girl (The secret to becoming a millionaire)
Information on Opening a youth bank account

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Get Involved





The Flawless Girlz Finishing Summer Day  Camp 

 a five-day, fast-paced camp designed to expose girls to crucial social graces training, professional development and team building principles.  Attendees will polish their presence, learn to communicate more effectively and build their confidence for all social situations.

Workshops Include:

Self-Esteem & Self Respect
Individual Style 
Health & Beauty
Etiquette (Dining & Social)
Making Friends & Healthy Relationships
Poise & Posture 
 Branding (Creating your personal image)
Dinning Etiquette
Social & Life Skills (Appropriate behavior, Conflict Resolution, Bullying &  Friendship)
Education & Job Preparedness 
Community Service Information

Creating a Flawless Image from the inside out

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